Driven | Swiss Alps Euro Tour

Before Brexit actually happens we thought it would be rude to miss out on another trip down to the Swiss Alps taking the Scenic route via France, Germany & Italy. Had to make the obligatory stop over at Reims of course before heading down to Baden Baden and the incredible Black Forest road.

From their we headed over the border into Switzerland where we stayed at the amazing Bergenstock Hotel with views over looking Lake Lucerne, absolutely incredible place and one for your bucket list

We then headed down to Lake Como via the Sustenpass, Gotthard, San Bernardino, Julier & Bernina Passes where we stayed for a couple of days.

Lake Como was as you’d expect, beautiful and serves up the best Ice Cream ever! 🙂

From Lake Como we started making our way back via the Simplon Pass to Montreux where we stopped off to visit the Queen / Freddie Mercury Museum before heading up the D996 to Dijon