UGD | Drive for Daniel

When the email came in from Teddy Bear Run to ask if UGD members would help arrange a special day for a Cornish lad having a tough time, we were delighted to ask our members to spare some time. The lad in question is Daniel, a 5-year-old from Bodmin who was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour back in July of this year. Sadly, the survival rate for the diagnosis is 0%, and even the hardest hearted amongst us, will struggle to hear that having already endured a round of Radio therapy and about to embark upon another, Daniel already knows he will soon be an Angel!

So why the call out to Petrol Heads to make a day stand out for him? Well Daniel is a Hot Wheels, and car NUT. His favourites are most certainly those from the Italian blood line with Lamborghini and Ferrari wrestling for the top honours. So, with less than a week’s notice the call went out to our members, the response was astonishing with many of our members offering to travel on a Sunday over 100miles to help out and offer their cars in an attempt to paint a smile over Daniels face.

The destination was Cummings of Bodmin, and as the cars punched through the Devon/Cornwall border the numbers began to swell. As A30 laybys were swept past the occasional Italian exotica emerged from their shelter and swelled the convoys numbers. Daniel and his Brother were collected from their home in Richard Cummings vintage Aston Martin and serenely delivered to the dealership in a feat of timing the military would have been proud of, as just minutes later the convoy arrived and quickly filled the forecourt with a palette of colour any artist would be proud of.

Although slightly overwhelmed initially, Daniel soon rallied and as good as sprinted past a plethora of machines as he made a bee line for the confirmed favourite Lambo Huracan. The next hour or so consisted of a very pleased little boy jumping in and out of every car whilst revving them and blowing the horns. It was a real treat to see the joy it gave him and in turn the pleasure this gave his family.

Once engines were revved and horns exercised to his satisfaction, he was presented with a host of gifts from Rybrook Specialist Cars of Bristol, Carrs Ferrari Exeter and Carrs Porsche Exeter along with a huge number of models sent by Hot Wheels, along with some quite rare models!

A huge thanks to all the members, Teddy Bear Run, Cummings, Rybrook, Carrs group and Hot Wheels. Most of all a big thanks to Daniel and his Family for allowing us to be involved and hopefully giving him a day to remember.