Driven | UGD drop in on Cambridge

The number of reasons I ever get excited about meeting in a Tesco car park, can be counted on one hand, well actually even then there are 4 rather redundant fingers! Irrespective of Tesco’s insistence that “Every little helps” the only help they have provided me is making the shopping experience slightly more depressing. However the 1 positive thing and the reason for a single shard of hope piercing through the retail monotony is the plethora of large car parks they offer throughout the land. So on this chilly October morning, the RS4 is pointing towards Cambridge and our meet point for this morning’s UGD meet, which nestles just off the A14 beneath that “Every helping guf” tag line in one such car park.

We roll into the white line etched supermarket holding pen slightly ahead of time. It’s not difficult to spot the other UGD protagonists as a Yellow Alfa 4C and Cosworth engined Mini stand out like a sore thumb, plus seeing as it’s 8am on a Sunday morning, it’s one of those rare moments when a UK Supermarket isn’t actually open, so the car park is strangely empty. Other machines already in attendance are a Merc AMG GTS, BMW M3 and a V10 R8. With Costa’s best stab at Coffee consumed and Esso’s motoring equivalent of caffeine glugged into the RS4’s tank we set off. The lead duties are handled by Tim in the R8, it’s on his doorstep and both Tim and brother Chris have some brilliant routes up their sleeve, with well laid out maps and route notes, it always ensures the convoy stays together and people don’t get left at junctions wondering exactly where they are, but also where the bloody hell everyone else is!

The route starts with a rumble through a smattering of quiet villages, but soon opens onto some smooth, well sighted and rollercoaster like roads. We are positioned at the back and are treated to all the sounds and sights a twisting convoy delivers. The R8 set’s a perfect pace with villages negotiated at the required speed limits, but the pace building as the roads open up. The noises on offer are a real cross section with the Alfa 4C supplying a throaty whine, the AMG a thunder type rumble and the owner built Cosworth powered classic Mini handing out a raucous mix of strung out whine and overrun pop’s. As the morning matures we make our way onto a few of the A road routes that are used by many of the Automotive Magazines due to their fast, well surfaced and open nature. It’s a chance for the convoy to push on and enjoy the best the area has to offer.

It’s always fun to chase down a car or two, even better when it’s a convoy of enthusiastically piloted machines being hustled along by friends. Eventually as with all good things, the morning comes to an end. We park up at Peterborough Services on the A1M for more coffee derived refreshment, and a bacon roll. One of my favourite parts is the walk away from a group of cars parked up, ticking and zinging slightly as the heat of the morning fun starts to dissipate into the ether around them. As ever it’s been a great day and some new friends have been made. Over coffee plans are hatched for a French tour in May, more of which to come.

We look forward to welcoming more members onto a drive in the near future, keep an eye on the calendar page of the site for details of upcoming drives……until then.