Driven | UGD visit the South West

In an automotive nod to the Magnificent Seven, the various member’s machines started to gather on a crisp Sunday morning. The location for our initial gathering was the romantic and picturesque Whiddon Down Services. If you don’t know it I will leave this lovely image to form in your craniums, if you do know it, don’t tell the others the truth!!! Irrespective of the less than stunning surroundings, it is perfectly placed for our meeting owing to, in the main, the rich choice of stunning roads that stretch out and away from it in most directions.

Seeing the variety of cars gathered together perfectly illustrates what UGD is all about, with a Renault Sport Megane sharing tarmac with a Noble and Ferrari…..I struggle to think of a better way of demonstrating that we are all about why you drive rather than just what you drive!

With pleasantries exchanged and the standard process of walking around the cars and looking at different angles, to check that a form you have witnessed thousands of times hasn’t changed overnight. After a quick run through of the route, radio channels and overall convoy etiquette, drivers and passengers assume the position perched on bovine wrapping clad seats. A quick few jokes at the expense of the CLK55 AMG driver regarding his machines thirst being closely allied to that of George Best were exchanged before the convoy trundled away in pursuit of Adrian’s 911 Turbo lead car. The 2 hr drive took in a fine variety of the counties arterial routes with some great twisty sections opening out onto quiet and well sighted roads. Adrian’s commentary regarding the road ahead and opportunities for the following vehicles to safely overtake highlighted the importance of radios on UGD drives, something the club will be looking closely at for future events.

On the infrequent occasion that the convoy came up behind other cars, it was heartening to see them pull over and allow us to pass. In the current times where burning petrol can be seen as antisocial, it was nourishing for the soul to witness it.  Play time came to an end nr Okehampton which was marked by the consumption of a well-received Breakfast roll. As stories were exchanged and corners just traversed discussed, a passing Aston and Porsche stopped for a chat….future members maybe!?

So, thanks to the members that ventured out, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Looking forward to the next drive in Cambridge and hope to see you all out on a drive soon.