Charity Meet for St Elizabeth Hospice

Some people consider that one of the only bad things about a car meet is the seeming necessity or a morning start ahead of the dawn chorus, however this does bring with it the benefit of predominantly empty roads. This was certainly the case as the A12 towards Ipswich opened ahead of us as we set a course towards our meeting point with members of the 400Alliance. The car meet was held at The Swan inn and was arranged by 400Alliance, the founders of which are also UGD members. As our ESMotor’s tuned 911 Turbo stomped its way along the A12, we passed a couple of other 911’s out enjoying the early morning sparsity of traffic.
The meet was not only a great chance to get some interesting cars and people together for both mutual machine admiration and Pork derived snack consumption, but as each attendee donated some of their hard earned moola towards the St Elizabeth Hospice Charity, funds were raised for a good cause to boot.

The selection of cars was as impressive as ever at these events with a majority of BMW’s M Division’s offerings being represented, along with a number of 911’s including a triplet of GT3 RS’s, A few of Audi’s RS’s, Mercedes AMG inc a stunning SLS and a smattering of Ferrari’s. It was an additional and unexpected treat to be joined by a brand spanking new McLaren 720S, that was passing before doing a U Turn to come back and join the party!In all it was a great day and a good chance for 6 or 7 Car Addicts members to get together and chew the cud, along with the 400Alliance. The day was as well organised as ever, so thanks to the guys and look forward to catching up with you all again soon.