VMAX200 Q | UGD Racing the Runway

With the day creaking into life, across the country eyes are rubbed and yawns emitted from the various owners of exotic and more everyday machines…..the very cars attending VMAX200 at Bruntingthorpe. VMAX200 has been around for long enough now to be a well-known event in the hydro carbon’s diary, but for the uninitiated it’s a runway day, which means it’s all about getting as high a speed out of your car as is possible. Just so everyone knows where speeds need to be if they aspire to be teetering upon the podium at the end of the day, the current record holder is the Koenigsegg one:1 that recorded a far from pedestrian 240MPH last year!!

UGD were up equally early to make the journey up the M1, seeing along the way a few Ferrari’s and a McLaren, all of which were plotting a route to the same destination. As we arrived at the main gate a TVR turned up behind us, sadly true to the various stories that are scattered over the internet it decided to spit out most of its vital fluids and disappear into a cloud of steam…..someone’s day was over before it began.

One thing that was noticeable this time was there seemed to be more tuners with fettled metalwork and less Supercars. With ES Motor’s, who are fast becoming the name on anyone’s lips intending to turn the wick of their 911 up in attendance; they currently hold the 2nd place position behind the Egg at 238mph. A RS6 tuned to 750BHP by MRC Tuning was onsite, which was suitably surprised when it tried to overtake Adrian’s ES650 911 Turbo on the drive up towards the top of the runway….”No Chance” springs to mind! There were also BMW’s in the line-up breathed on by Evolve tuning and a Mercedes modified by MSL Performance.

The conditions were just about perfect for high speed runs with ambient temperatures being low, hardly a gust of wind and no sign of any precipitation. ES Motors 911 Turbo was the fastest of the day at 228MPH with a vast array of other marques conquering the arrow straight race track. Safety was as ever the biggest focus of the organisers with well denoted braking areas and good run off voids, ensuring that everyone made the most of the space available whilst remaining safe. All in all it was another great fun day, and as always it’s a treat to see such a variety of standard performance icons next to machines that tuners have managed to tease big performance out of, a car of note was a 1200BHP GTR that recorded 220MPH, the fastest ‘R we have witnessed.

Photo Credit | Jason Cornish