Goodwood Festival of Speed

Having become one of the key dates in the Hydro Carbon Snorters Chronical, the FOS (a term spawned by Social Media and HashTags) is basically Glastonbury for Car Nuts.

The main difference is the Musak is created by exhausts and pistons rather than Beyoncé and Chris Martin. Cars from every era and background are piloted up the Goodwood Hill Climb with varying levels of success, or lack of in the case of an RS2000 this year that attempted to mate with a bale of straw! UGD members were afforded rather exclusive access thanks to a members unrivaled relationship with Goodwood.

So lunch and refreshments were thrown down esophagus’s in the glitteringly exuberant surroundings of the Library Lawn, where we were joined by some senior people from the industry. A look behind the scenes of the McLaren stand was conducted by one McLarens senior management team, where members were given a real in depth look at current and future models. It also allowed us to enjoy the 3rd breakfast of the day!!!

The Bonhams auction viewing was a treat with some really very special, and very unusual motors on show……..all of which went under the gavel later that day. Goodwood will be the location of at least 3 events for UGD next year, so get in touch and become a member to be involved.
Even the members wives found something that made them smile