Terminal Velocity

On your marks…….Get set……..Shred Tyres!!!

The idea is hardly a new one, its just a drag race people pure and simple. However, what used to be the preserve of a Saturday night in Hicksville Mississippi has evolved over the years into a far more organised, bejeweled and commercial idea. Runway days have become a well-established and regular thing on the Petrol quaffing menu in the UK, and few are as well-known as Vmax. It’s a simple idea…..1. find a long straight bit of that tarmac stuff…..2. Drive lots of cars (in pairs) up it against each other and the clock….3. The remainder is taken care of by our inbuilt desire for bragging rights!!!

UGD attended in a range of motors from an SLK55 AMG, up to a faintly ridiculous ESMotors 911 Turbo, that went quicker than……pretty much everyone else!!! 200MPH was seen and passed!